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DC-lite (for teens)

July 19, 2013     |    Filed under: Uncategorized Comments (1)

We’ve had a number of groups do DC at “half-speed”– dividing each week’s memory, reading and study into two weeks of study and meetings.

But now we’ve been approached by a local church to develop a DC-lite for teens– something for lay-leadership development within youth ministry and with an eye to their future as well.

Finishing a draft of that this week– with implementation for this academic year. Looking forward to what the “guinea pigs” will say as we work to make it better.

One thought on “DC-lite (for teens)

  1. Linda Graves says:

    Is there a DC-lite group for teens? I have befriended a very impressive teen, who is eagerly seeking the Lord. She would love to get more information on such a program.

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