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DC-lite (for teens)

July 19, 2013     |    Filed under: Uncategorized Comments (1)

We’ve had a number of groups do DC at “half-speed”– dividing each week’s memory, reading and study into two weeks of study and meetings.

But now we’ve been approached by a local church to develop a DC-lite for teens– something for lay-leadership development within youth ministry and with an eye to their future as well.

Finishing a draft of that this week– with implementation for this academic year. Looking forward to what the “guinea pigs” will say as we work to make …

Welcome to the NACC!

July 10, 2013     |    Filed under: Uncategorized Comments (0)

We’re excited that Louisville gets to host the North American Christian Convention this year.

Kristen has a workshop tomorrow at 1:30.

Tomorrow at 3:30, Kurt and Eric have a workshop on DC, discipleship, lay-leadership development, etc. We hope to see you there!