Thoroughly Equipped
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The purpose of the (free) Leader’s Guide is to prepare you to handle the administrative details of running a DC group—and to provide some assistance in discussing the DC material. Print them off one semester at a time. Read the Intro thoroughly before you get started. Read the rest of it week-to-week. Mark it up and use it to annotate your DC book as you lead your group.


We’ve also provided some miscellaneous resources created by previous DC’ers: weekly devotionals on the new memory verse for each week (created by Chad Queen); more thorough introductory notes on the Bible Reading (created by Lawrence Bader); a Memory Verse iPhone app (created by Bill Rattray); some additional/optional word studies to try during DC201 and DC202 (from Eric); and a Memory Verse quiz as you exit the review verses of DC301 and start back into memorizing new verses in DC401 (created by Eric Peterson). Thanks guys!


Leaders Guides for DC: Thoroughly Equipped (PDF's):
Leaders Guide DC-Intro

Leaders Guide DC101

Leaders Guide DC201

Leaders Guide DC202 

Leaders Guide DC301 

Leaders Guide DC401 

Leaders Guide DC402 

Leaders Guide DC403 


Entire Leaders Guide for "DC for Students: Getting Equipped" (PDF)


More Resources for DC:
List of supplemental books

Gassman/Mahlbacher's Spreadsheet for Keeping Track of Everything

Queen's Weekly Memory Verse Devotionals

Bader’s Bible Reading Intro notes

Memory Verse IPhone apps

DC201 optional word studies

DC202 optional word studies

DC301 teaching feedback sheet

Peterson’s MV quiz going into DC401

Appendix to Boyd & Eddy's Across the Spectrum